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Wheatley Lane Methodist VA Primary School

"With God's help, we do all we can to be the best we can be".

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Dear Parents,

I am delighted that you have chosen Wheatley Lane Methodist VA Primary School as the school for your child.

I hope that the information contained on our website will be helpful.

Our school aims to provide a nurturing environment where all children are celebrated as being unique, created in the image of God, and are stimulated to achieve their full potential.

We want our children to build on the skills they bring to us and we encourage them to be active, independent learners.

We aim to work in close partnership with parents to ensure high standards in behaviour and achievement.

Our commitment to our Christian Vision ensures that together we create a welcoming, caring and flourishing community of children and adults.


Kind regards

Mrs Hallows

Head teacher


Wheatley Lane Primary School

I know choosing your child's school is a huge decision. I hope this video will give you some idea of what starting in our school will be like for your child.
Please ring me if you have any questions.

A huge thank you to Aaron at Prescription Media and all our staff and children, sorry we couldn't include you all!