Wheatley Lane Methodist VA Primary School

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1st June 20
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Home Learning


Teachers will set work for all children to be completed at home.  They will email this to you. Please see the email you received from school with the email addresses for the teachers.

All children have brought home CGP workbooks. Please work through these with your child at their pace.  The answers are in the back, I suggest you remove them! 

Writing for KS2 (Yr 3-6)


Jane Considine is delivering writing lessons daily on her YouTube channel at 9:45am. These are really high quality and are very much like we teach writing here at school. The writing is based on a short film that the children will watch before the task is given. This will be a great way to keep up with their writing skills. These lessons can also be viewed on her channel at any time after they have gone live.

Search for 'Jane Considine' or 'Super Sentence Stacking'.